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Getting into the Flow of the Holiday Season with Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Flow

I’m excited to announce that we have an amazing new Dynamics 365 client. We were contacted this last week from a representative of none other than Santa Claus himself. It seems that Old Saint Nick is a bit of a tech nerd and has really wanted to streamline his mail room floor operations. Recently Santa and Mrs. Claus came across WordPress and thought it would be a great platform for them to use to build a letter writing system to help more children to easily send letters to Santa. 

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Dynamics 365 – Trigger a plugin from a Business Process Flow

Here at Sigao, we’ve been working with the Microsoft’s Dynamics platform for quite some time. We’ve often had situations where we have some custom action that we want to use to activate one of our custom plugins. Here, I’ll walk you through how to trigger one of your plugins automatically as a user progresses through a business process flow. The overall flow of this process is described below.

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