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On innovation, software, technology, and anything that makes your business better.
Regions field in Birmingham

Sigao in Birmingham: Why Our Move Mattered

In 2017, as founders of a newly formed company, we made the strategic decision to move to Birmingham, AL. There are quite a few reasons why Sigao moved to Birmingham,
Splash image denoting pros and cons of custom software

The Pros and Cons of Building Custom Software

The decision to buy an off-the-shelf solution or build a custom solution is one that every business must make. It’s a difficult choice, as there are advantages and disadvantages to
Man confused by plans for a custom software system

Do I need custom software?

As veterans of the custom software industry, our team has encountered countless questions about the creation of custom software solutions. However, few questions are as difficult to answer as the

Rapid Testing Mindset: A Powerful Strategy

Perfect Doesn’t Mean Effective Rapid testing is not something that comes naturally to me. As an engineer and a creator, I often find myself driven by the pursuit of perfection.
Woman frustrated by costly mistakes

How to avoid costly mistakes while buying custom software

As providers of software development services, we encounter clients from a wide variety of backgrounds and industries.  All companies, from startups to mega corporations, have business problems that can be

6 Potent Power Patterns Every Scrum Master Can Use Today

Great Scrum Masters understand team development and intentionally coach and improve their team’s performance over time. A Scrum Master can equip Team Members with helpful tools and best practices by

Does Agile Scrum Kill Innovation? (Iterative Problem Solving)

Scrum is designed to solve interrelated problems common – but not unique – to software development projects: project scope and estimation.   Do these problems also exist in innovation projects? Will

Agile Toolkit: A Free Tool To Help Scrum Masters Manage Sprints

Veteran and novice Scrum Masters, alike, can struggle with finding a practical tool to help manage their Sprints on a weekly basis. Our free Agile Toolkit is an easy-to-use and

Women in Tech: A Snapshot of Birmingham, AL

Times they are a-changin’ but there’s still a lot of work to do. Setting aside the broader issues of workplace inequality, today we want to focus on a slice of