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“I like big data for $400” – Implementing a Jeopardy! Question Explorer using DocumentDB, Azure Search, AngularJS and Electron – Part 1

The concept of NoSQL or schema-less databases refers to systems that store data in a schemaless fashion using some form of document notation such as JSON. Examples of NoSQL databases include: MongoDB, CouchDB, RavenDB and, as we will discuss in this post, Azure DocumentDB.
In this series, we will be creating an application that allows users to quickly browse and search a repository of over 200,000 jeopardy questions. We will use Azure DocumentDB as a data repository, Azure Search to implement full text search functionality and will use AngularJS and Electron to create a desktop client that users can use to browse these questions.

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The ultralight angular application setup package – Part 2: Build process for large applications

In our last post, we discussed how to create four files that, when chained together with the appropriate commands, would build out the framework for your web app. Now we will show you how to tweak this process to create large application friendly project organization, as well as adding build processes into the mix. But first, lets go over some changes we made since the first blog entry.

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DocumentDB and Azure Search at a SQL Saturday in Birmingham, AL

This Saturday, March 18, 2017, SQL experts from throughout the United States will be arriving in Birmingham, AL to speak at SQL Saturday #593. SQL Saturday is a free program supported by the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS) and the Birmingham event is hosted by Steel City SQL, a SQL Users group located in Birmingham, AL. SQL Saturdays offer free training and community opportunities to professional developers, DBAs and SQL Server professionals. According to the SQL Saturday #593 website, this will be the sixth SQL Saturday offered in Birmingham, AL.

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