Agile Toolkit: A Free Tool To Help Scrum Masters Manage Sprints

Veteran and novice Scrum Masters, alike, can struggle with finding a practical tool to help manage their Sprints on a weekly basis.

Our free Agile Toolkit is an easy-to-use and highly functional Excel sheet that allows Scrum Masters to manage their Sprint more effectively. This tool handles tracks Team capacity, velocity, Yesterday’s Weather, Interrupt Buffers, and more! It also generates charts for a team’s velocity over time and individual Sprint burndowns.

Regardless if you are starting from Sprint zero or need a new solution for your established team, this tool will be a great fit!

To grab the tool and get started, head over HERE to sign up. You’ll also get access to a video demonstration and tutorial to help get you started!

Why is the Agile Toolkit so useful?

Don’t forget that while the Product Owner is responsible for WHAT the team does the Scrum Master is focused on HOW the work is getting done and a big part of the ‘How’ revolves around the Sprint itself.

Fortunately, the Agile Toolkit handles a LOT of Sprint-related tasks!

Before the team can even start Sprint Planning, the Scrum Master is responsible for gathering team capacity, calculating Yesterday’s Weather and the Interrupt Buffer, and letting the Product Owner know how many points they can accept into the upcoming Sprint.

Once the Sprint starts, the Scrum should also be constantly updating the Sprint Burndown to ensure that work in progress is being completed in a timely fashion and helping the team decide how to handle any interrupts.

After the Sprint is complete, the Scrum Master will get to work updating the team’s velocity, gathering data on the team’s happiness, and preparing to lead the Sprint Retrospective.

So go ahead and download the toolkit and get started HERE!