Student Spotlight: Maureen Sears of HC3!

We recently caught up with Maureen Sears, Project Manager at HC3, to ask her about the impact that her recent Scrum Master and Product Owner training has made in her professional life.

HC3 is a data-driven tech company delivering customer communications for their clients. By managing complex data generated from multiple client systems, they help financial service organizations communicate with their customers in meaningful ways. HC3 offers focused solutions for statement and notice redesign, intelligent marketing campaigns, and seamless delivery of both print and digital communications. Through these solutions, HC3 empowers financial service organizations to give their customers a fully customizable document experience.

You can find out more about her company, HC3, right here.

Since this was a short interview format, I’ll just list the questions along with her responses below!

Q: How has the Scrum Master and Product Owner training changed the mindset with which you approach your business?

As a team, our Project Management team has adopted a more fluid perspective on how we handle implementations. Our improved mindset allows us to more easily adapt and grow with challenges that come our way.

Q: Have you incorporated any of the training into your workflow yet?

One of the most important pieces of training that we have incorporated into our workflow is the feedback loop.

Constantly sharing ideas between other departments and getting feedback from our clients has enabled us to deepen our understanding of other departments to create a better experience for our clients.

Q: Have you seen any immediate benefits to bringing these thought processes into your business?

Our digital solution HC3 offers our clients is constantly evolving and improving, so the implementation process is constantly evolving and improving at the same time.

We have been able to refine the process and tool more rapidly than ever before by including a constant internal and external feedback loop.

Q: Do you think LSM/LSPO training would be helpful for other startups?

This training did a great job of building the foundation for working in the Scrum world. It would be extremely beneficial for a startup because it is easier to get everyone’s commitment to building a new process instead of changing an existing one.

Q: Would it be an added benefit for all members of a team to have this training (so that everyone understands it and are on the same page)?

We were fortunate enough to have members of our project management team, as well as the manager of the development team, participate in the training. Having everyone together to think about how we could apply this knowledge in our work environment and bounce ideas off each other during the course was invaluable.

If you are interested in learning more about our LSM (Scrum Master) and LSPO (Product Owner) training classes then head over to our class page to get the details. Currently, those living near Birmingham, AL might even be eligible for a full scholarship to attend!