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Technical Specialties

How we do what we do
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Core Technology

We pride ourselves in creating business software with a wide array of tools, however we find that certain tools give us the flexibility and efficiency we need to solve most problems. These technical specialties are the tools we gravitate to when given the opportunity. Be sure to keep scrolling to see our full experience list!


Enterprise applications demand a level of standardization and support that is not present in many front end frameworks. Because of this, the team chose Angular as its primary front end framework. Angular is developed and maintained by Google, and provides a significant tooling for large scale applications.

Microsoft .NET Core

Like Angular, .NET Core is a managed software framework with significant enterprise level tooling. The team typically uses this framework for middle-tier, server side processing in web based applications. One of the key advantages of this framework is easy integration with Microsoft App Insights which provides performance anomaly detection, error reporting, and user usage data.

Microsoft Azure

Few components of enterprise business software are as critical as the cloud architecture its built on. Unless constrained by project requirements, all of Sigao's web applications use Azure cloud services to host server logic and data. Azure provides secure, reliable hosting for system resources, while allowing the team to easily deploy and monitor system updates.

Microsoft Power Platform

At Sigao, our objective is to solve our client's business problems as quickly and efficiently as possible. This often means using low/no code tools, rather than building a fully custom system. When these situations arise, the team uses custom apps, integrations, plugins, and Power Automate workflows to solve problems.
software development

Full Tech List

Solving technical problems means recognizing which tools work for the task at hand. At the end of the day, our goal is to provide a solution that works for our client's specific use case, regardless of if its our preferred technology. Because of this, our team has solved countless problems, using a wide array of languages, frameworks, tools and platforms. If its made out of code and runs on the internet, we can more than likely figure out how to make it better.

.NET Core










Microsoft Azure

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Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft SQL Server


Node JS








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Business Innovation Methodology

Complex problems require creative solutions. Sometimes our clients know what they want to accomplish, but the path to get there isn't clear. Rather than spending time and money to build the full solution, our team can employ lean business testing techniques to test if the solution is feasible, and if it will be desired by the end user. This allows us to de-risk the project early on and pass the savings on to our clients.