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Student Spotlight: Carmen Mays of Elevators!

We recently caught up with Carmen Mays, Founder and CEO of Elevators, to ask her about the impact that her recent Scrum Master and Product Owner training has made in her professional life.

First, a little about her company:

“Elevators fosters equitable entrepreneurial ecosystems by developing innovative corporate supply chain strategies. We build community and capacity for melanated creatives and institutions integral to the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

I started Elevators with the simple premise of ensuring creatives of color had the tools and opportunities they needed to make a living doing what they love. Elevators has successfully engaged creatives in culturally relevant business development. Elevators also creates corporate engagement and supply chain strategies that foster equitable entrepreneurial ecosystems.”

You can find out more about her company, Elevators, right here.

Since this was a short interview format, I’ll just list the questions along with her responses below!

Q: How has the Scrum Master and Product Owner training changed the mindset with which you approach your business?

I am much more clear about how to introduce new ideas and refine existing ones. I am able to go deeper into the structure of the products thereby making them more effective.

Q: Have you incorporated any of the training into your workflow yet?

Yes! Particularly the Kanban Board.

Q: Have you seen any immediate benefits to bringing these thought processes into your business?

I’m much more productive and because I can see what I’ve completed, I don’t overwork.

Q: Do you think LSM/LSPO training would be helpful for other startups?


Q: Would it be an added benefit for all members of a team to have this training (so that everyone understands it and are on the same page)?

Yes! As with any training, it’s for everybody.

If you are interested in learning more about our LSM (Scrum Master) and LSPO (Product Owner) training classes then head over to our class page to get the details. Currently, those living near Birmingham, AL might even be eligible for a full scholarship to attend!