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Scrum@Scale: An Overview of the Framework

These days, most people know and understand Scrum as a framework that helps people, teams, and organizations generate increasing value over time by creating an environment that allows them to work on the right thing in the right away.

At the individual team level, Scrum has demonstrated time and time again that it can help produce twice the work in half the time.

While seeing these results at the micro-level is exciting, scaling these results across an entire large organization is a truly spectacular event that can be produced by introducing Scrum@Scale.

What is Scrum@Scale?

If the individual Scrum team is a chapter then Scrum@Scale is the book.

Describing Scrum@Scale as simply deploying Scrum at the organizational level – replacing traditional departments and business units with Scrum teams – would be a disservice to what is ultimately a transformational catalyst that unlocks the full potential of a company’s collaboration and productivity.

Scrum@Scale allows the hyper-productive, results-driven performance of an individual Scrum team to scale across an entire organization to coordinate around and solve complicated problems at the Enterprise level.

Yes, Scrum@Scale creates more Scrum teams within an organization. But, it also:

  • Addresses complex adaptive problems within the organization
  • Delivers products more creatively
  • Can be applied across a myriad of industries including services, software, hardware, operations, and research

Who uses Scrum@Scale?

Although Scrum and other Agile methodologies have their roots within the software and IT communities, there are a staggering number of businesses using Scrum and Scrum@Scale to become more successful over time.

In fact, there are many case studies available that show exactly how effective Scrum@Scale can be within organizations.

Manufacturing and engineering: Bosch

Bosch, a giant multinational conglomerate of 390,000 employees, found initial success when they implemented Scrum within certain silos of the organization.

Recognizing the powerful results, they decided to implement a company-wide Agile transformation from the top down using the Scrum@Scale framework. Rather than silos, the company was divided into business units composed of cross-functional teams that were each capable of creating innovative new products and services.

The results?

Bosch cut its development time in half, allowing them to innovate faster and bring new products to market in record time.

Full case study here.

Insurance Industry: Insure-Tech

Insure-tech, an established company centered around finding ways to create more savings and efficiency within the current insurance industry recently found themselves surrounded by a wide variety of new, small, and aggressive companies attacking their market share.

By implementing Scrum@Scale, Insure-tech was able to improve customer satisfaction by 37%, increase dev team overall happiness by 34%, and reduce the number of product defects by 15%.

All within two months.

Full case study here.

Scrum@Scale training

While creating a Scrum team within an organization requires training at the individual level – Scrum Team Members, Scrum Masters, and Product Owners, Scrum@Scale requires implementing changes at the organizational level.

By creating an intentional Agile transformation, Scrum@Scale positions a company to provide more autonomy to highly-engaged, empowered teams.

What’s the best way to get started with this transformation?

Scrum@Scale Foundations

The Foundations class is an interactive workshop that provides professionals at any level of Scrum proficiency the lean principles and core concepts of scaling Scrum within an organization.

Whether your business has already implemented Scrum in some way or not, the Scrum@Scale Foundations class is the perfect way to provide basic training to an entire organization, at a low cost, before taking the next step of the Agile transformation.

You will understand:

  • That traditional ways of working in silos slow us down and make it hard to efficiently build our business and serve our customers. They make a paradigm shift in their view of efficiency and understand this is really about effectiveness.
  • How Scrum@Scale can impact their organization. They are able to identify and understand the main components of the Scrum@Scale framework, including the scaled roles and events.
  • That becoming a Scrum@Scale Practitioner and obtaining further, robust experience with Scrum@Scale will help their organization remain sustainable.

Sigao Studios is currently offering Scrum@Scale Foundations virtual classes which you can learn more about here.

Scrum@Scale Practitioner

The Practitioner course is designed to equip people within an organization, from team members to executives, with the knowledge and tools necessary to implement Scrum at the any-size level.

Class material covers the responsibilities of the Product Owner, Scrum Master, Scrum Team, and enterprise leadership in a variety of contexts and business situations.

You will learn how to:

  • Understand how restructuring an organization around scaled Scrum can create an incredible impact on performance.
  • Break down cross-team dependencies and create the ability to prioritize work across multiple teams towards company-wide initiatives.
  • Observe, analyze, and improve key metrics of Enterprise agility.
  • Create a transformation roadmap for your organization that includes a backlog of critical activities.

Note: It is recommended that Scrum@Scale Practitioner attendees have prior experience with Scrum including Scrum Master and Product Owner coursework or comparable real-world application.

Sigao Studios is currently offering Scrum@Scale Practitioner virtual classes which you can learn more about here.

Taking Action

Now that you understand what Scrum@Scale is and how it can benefit you and your organization it is time to act and start the transformation.

Allow Scrum@Scale to create the change you want to see within your business and let us use our real-world business and classroom experience to show you how.

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