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Build a Better Developer Team by Increasing Employee Engagement Webinar

I’m excited to announce that I will be speaking in an upcoming webinar hosted by APN Consulting entitled “Build a Better Developer Team by Increasing Employee Engagement.” This employee engagement webinar is on July 7 at 1PM EDT and you can register by going to APN Consulting’s website. Registration is free and open to anyone interested in learning how to skyrocket your team’s performance. #betterdevwebinar

Engaged Employees

In this webinar, I will cover several key skills you can use to radically improve your developer engagement. I will cover the latest in employee engagement research and offer practical advice in how you can implement that research in your teams.

Topics will include:

  • What is employee engagement?
  • Why is employee engagement important?
  • How do you know if you have an engaged employee?
  • The importance of vision on employee engagement.
  • How to embrace self-organization and let your teams grow.
  • Use mastery to motivate and engage your team.
  • Build open and honest diversity to inspire your team.

Research shows that when you impact employee engagement, you increase your team’s productivity and the quality of their work, you make your team more attractive to potential recruits and reduce employee turnover. Since finding good developers is hard enough, it is important that developer team leads and managers learn how to retain their developers when they find them. This webinar will help with that.

So go to the APN Consulting Web site today and sign up to attend this webinar on July 7 from 1 – 2 PM EDT. I hope to see you there!

And, while you’re waiting for the webinar, be sure the check out the following blog posts to figure out some of the skills you need to improve your developer engagement: