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We are innovators. engineers. dog lovers. problem solvers. agile experts.

We are Sigao.


Our Mission

Our mission is to break down the barriers of innovation and help companies move forward faster.  We believe that the software development landscape is long overdue for re-imagination of what it means to take an idea and bring it to life. 70% of software projects fail, and we hate that.
Our answer to this problem is simple: We commit the minimum amount of resources necessary to learn the maximum amount of information, then use the data to guide our next steps. We value honesty and human connection over documentation and contract negotiation. We tell you when we make mistakes. We hate bad code, and we really hate when good ideas are crippled by bad code.
In short, our mission is to give our client’s an experience they can’t find anywhere else.
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Our Home

Sigao moved to Birmingham, AL in 2016 shortly after forming. We chose Birmingham because of its vast potential, passionate startup community, and its fantastic breweries. However, we quickly found that Birmingham’s charm runs deeper than business opportunities and beer. Birmingham is a city of dreamers, more occupied with what the city could be than what it was. Throw a rock in the air and you’ll hit someone involved in an initiative to improve the city. Its truly remarkable, and we’re proud to be a part of it.
Our motto

Pet Dogs. Drink Beer. Build Things.

our team

Meet The Team

Seriously, stop by and meet us.  We’d love to hear about your next big idea!

Chris Sims

Founder, CEO

Brandon Bosco

Founder, Product owner development

Larry Tribble

Luke Colburn
Founder, lead IT operations

Carter Musick

Founder, Lead Software Engineer

Rebecca Dobrinski

Scrum Master

Connor Lynch

Software Engineer
Craig Fulda
Software Engineer

Mateo Antelo

Scrum Master

Millissa Blanchard

Digital Journey Analyst
Rich Roberts
Software Engineer

Matt Haikala

Software Engineer