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A statement from our CEO

To our team members, including those of color. To our customers and clients, and to a community that is hurting, scared, and looking for a path forward:

I want to be unequivocal. Sigao, its founders, and I, as CEO, stand in solidarity and fully support the movement for Black lives.

Systems that marginalize human beings that are in the minority are against our core values, the core values of Scrum, and are against human decency. It is incumbent on those that have a voice to speak for those that do not. It is incumbent on those that have a platform to stand up for justice for every human and clearly state that white privilege must end, and justice and freedom must be equal for all.

For those that are marginalized, that are afraid to live your life and be yourself for fear of violence and retribution, we hear you and stand up for you. There can be no priority higher than that of freedom, mercy, and justice for all.

For those that do not understand the fear of the marginalized, we challenge you to stretch yourself and find opportunities that challenge you to grow.

For those that do not understand the damage that systemic racism has caused to our country, we implore you to educate yourself and seek that understanding. It is not ok to be “not racist.”

For our company, our nation, and our world to move forward and find peace, we must be actively anti-racist. We must be willing to identify racism in ourselves and understand that if we are not better today than we were yesterday, and better tomorrow than we are today, then we will fail as a people.

Fred Shuttlesworth once said, “Some men may little note or soon forget what we say here: but the nation will never forget what we did here together. We were not satisfied with the few scattering cracks in the Segregation wall and decided to effect a major confrontation with evil.”

As such, words are not enough. Sigao is actively working with our team, our partners, and industry experts to find tangible ways that we can effect change. The tech industry has long been a catalyst for change. We must and will use that ability to drive positive change. We are listening to those that understand to learn how we can best guide our company in ways that multiply our impact on the world around us.

Things will never be like they were yesterday, nor will they be like they are today. Change is inevitable and unwavering. We must find peace by finding value in everyone and understanding that we are in this together.

We ask our community to join us in one voice — “We support the movement for Black lives. We support the movement for equality and justice for all.” We will stand and move forward together, and we are better off when we do that.

Be safe, grow, and use your platform for good.

Chris Sims
CEO – Sigao


  1. Love your call for us to be better. We cannot be complacent in this.

    • Hear!! Hear!!

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