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Texas Youth 2 Adult connects families with special needs children to critical resources that allow them to successfully transition to adulthood. TY2A development was focused on building a highly accessible and usable site that was usable across a broad range of cognitive and physical abilities.

Responsive Web Application

HIPAA compliant knowledge management system designed for high accessibility and WCAG 2 usability standards.

6 Months

Primary development for TY2A took around 6 months. Subsequent work was undertaken to add additional functionality.

Technology Stack

AngularJS, Angular Material, Azure Search, and Azure.

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project goals

What we did:

What goals did we achieve?

We built a highly usable system that was HIPAA compliant and able to address user needs in a simple to understand but deeply functional approach.

How did we achieve them?

Frequent user feedback and direct observation of end users as they interacted with the tool.

What did we learn?

Building a truly accessible system that is open to all cognitive and skills needs is not a trivial undertaking. It is critical that you understand how a user will perceive and interact with a system and develop that understanding with direct observation.