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Experience a Scrum Master or Product Owner certification training class built from the ground up to serve virtual learners. Earn the same certifications from Scrum Inc. that you would receive in a live class without the travel!

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This Scrum Master and Product Owner certification Classes, based on content from Scrum co-Founder, Dr. Jeff Sutherland, have been created from scratch to enhance the experience for remote learners – it is not simply a live course re-packaged into a virtual format.

No matter where you are, you’ll be able to earn your Scrum Master or Product Owner certification from the safety of your home.

All course material, videos, and activities have been prepared by Sigao Studios’ CEO, Chris Sims. With over 14 years of experience coaching and training people just like you, he has seen what works and what doesn’t. 

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Why product owner?

According to, there are almost 7,000 open postings for Product Owners or closely related jobs as of August 2020.

Even with today’s economic uncertainty, many companies understand that they need a highly capable person reacting quickly and leading the way for their teams to provide the best products and services possible.

Job growth for the Product Owner role across all industries is expected to grow about 11% per year between 2018-2028.

Anyone with a bachelor’s degree or required experience within a technical field, alongside a Product Owner certification, will have a strong resume to apply to one of these jobs today.

Note that the base pay described is a national average that includes both entry-level and senior-level positions.

Take it from us - having a Product Owner certification will set you apart from other applicants that haven't put in the time or effort.


Human resources managers, the ones that are sifting through the resumes, know that finding this certification is a great way to quickly narrow down the field.


If you apply without one, you risk being thrown into the trash before you've even been considered!

The Product Owner fills a unique position within a Scrum Team that allows them to display creativity along with their technical skills or experience.


The best Product Owners have the ability to tell great stories about what their customers or users want from their product or service.


If you specialize in getting inside the heads of your customers, you need to be creating and sharing those stories with a Scrum Team.

While many Product Owners are involved with technical teams, there is not a great need for a PO to be extremely technical.


In fact, a lack of technical expertise can sometimes be an advantage for Product Owners because they won't approach a situation with bias or presuppositions.


Instead, you'll approach the situation with the most important mindset - the customer's.

Any organization that is going through or has gone through an Agile transformation has empowered, self-organizing teams in need of vision and direction from a capable Product Owner.


With no shortage of applications, an aspiring Product Owner can choose to participate in a wide variety of projects within nearly every industry.

Why choose scrum?

According to, there are over 5,000 open postings for Scrum Masters or closely related jobs as of August 2020.

This indicates that even during an economic slowdown, many businesses understand the value of using Scrum to increase their efficiency and survive.

Of companies that have chosen to implement an Agile management system, 82% are still early adopters or growing their adoption.

This means the job potential is just getting started!

Note that the base pay described is a national average that includes both entry-level and senior-level positions.

If you are seeking a role as a Scrum Master, having a certification listed on your resume is a mandatory requirement to get a call back from your application.


Even if you aren't applying for a Scrum Master role, having this certification on your resume can indicate that you have a more versatile or T-shaped skill set within an Agile organization.

According to the recent 'State of Scrum Master Salary' report, this role is experiencing a strong positive salary trend.

In 2017, about 26% of surveyed Scrum Masters made between $50,000-$75,000.

The next year, this percentage dropped to 21% but the number of Scrum Masters making $100,000-$125,000 increased from 14% to 18%.

National average Scrum Master salaries reported by hiring organizations:


  • ZipRecruiter - $118,353
  • Payscale - $91,032

In 2017, 30% of Scrum Masters were female and salaries were rising faster for women in this job role than men.

Gaining a Scrum Master certification provides you with a highly marketable and versatile skill.


Because Scrum training is useful within any organization or industry that has adopted Agile methodologies, you will be able to better navigate and set yourself apart from other applicants if you choose to look for a new job or seek other opportunities within your current company.

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what's in it for you?


Six months of mastermind group coaching sessions included

Each month, you will have total access to Chris Sims for an hour-long group coaching session to give you the opportunity to ask him any questions that you have about Scrum or Product Owners or have him weigh in on something that you are struggling with in your business.

The course is yours, forever!

Taking the course will prepare you for your Scrum Master certification exam, but it doesn't stop there.

You will have lifetime access to the course you are purchasing including any updates and extra value added later!

Your schedule, your rules

We offer class times on the weekend and at night during the week so that you can improve your skills at a time that is most convenient for you.

Don't let scheduling hold you back from success.

Level up your skills and ability

Certification is critical to getting a role as a Scrum Master.

Companies today demand capable, T-shaped employees that can wear multiple hats and improve efficiency in a variety of situations.

course features
and timeline

This is a hybrid course that includes:

  • Daily Zoom meetings with course instruction, live activities, and group exercises
  • Recorded video, activities, and class materials that are available to review before the class starts
  • Supplemental small-group homework to allow more time to work on class projects
  • Real-time project collaboration in Miro – an industry-leading collaborating tool
  • Fee for the Scrum Inc. Scrum Master certification included with a guarantee that you will pass!

Scrum Basics

We cover the origins of Scrum and the Scrum framework.

Day One

Ready Backlog

Learn how to use estimation to create a ready backlog of items to take into the next Sprint.

Day Two


Learn about Scrum events such as the Daily Scrum, Sprint Planning, and Sprint Review.

Day Three

meet your teachers

Chris Sims — Co-Founder & CEO of Sigao Studios
Chris has more than 14 years of Agile and Scrum experience. He’s worked as a Chief Product Owner, Scrum Master, coach, and trainer. He has direct experience coaching senior leadership of Fortune 100 companies all the way to fast-paced startups. He loves seeing people grow and become top-notch agilists. 
Kim Antelo - Antelo Agility

Kim has proven expertise in delivering solutions by leveraging Scrum, Agile and Lean methodologies. She has consistently adopted innovative approaches to solving complex corporate problems throughout her 20+ year career.

Through training and coaching, she enables clients to solve problems while delivering outcomes and strategically focusing on addressing corporate issues. The services she provides includes Agile training and coaching, change management, and leadership coaching.  She has helped very small start-ups to very large companies from tech, healthcare, manufacturing, operating rooms, and children’s clothing.

why learn remotely ?

We build community

Our approach revolves around building a community of peers with which you can share and discuss your learning experience.

This virtual community allows you to maintain those connections as you grow and network within your professional career.

We keep it interactive

Scrum training should be hands on and highly engaging - just like the Scrum you will use in business.

Our teaching approach maintains that strong experiential style of learning without the need for travel.

We offer new ways of learning

Our remote learning platform allows us to use learning techniques and tools that simply can't be done with on-site training.

This course uses best-in-class tools to create an exciting and engaging learning experience that goes well beyond a typical Scrum certification course.

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Take advantage of this course to help you achieve success in the fast-growing, high-paying Scrum Master job market – either by finding an opening or creating one inside your current company.

Founders and Entrepreneurs:

Use this knowledge to help improve the efficiency of your business – become more Agile and competitive at the same time.

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