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Have a great idea for an app?

Many small firms and startups are founded on a great idea for “an app”, either as the main product, or in support of a product or new market. After all, it doesn’t take a technician to come up with a great idea about a need for software…

Why doesn't this work?

It takes more than an idea

Software that is in use often looks easy. Enter some info, click a button, and something great happens. The truth is that software is complex. Further, the process of creating working software is difficult and risky, even for experienced people

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Creating great software that people love and find enjoyable to use is even harder!​

Sigao’s fractional cto coaching

Increase the chance of your app success with C-Suite level thinking.

Hiring the right tech resources

Hiring the right technical staff can be complex, we help identify the best solutions and right methods of recruiting the best tech talent.

Development is expensive

A skilled CTO can ensure you maximize the value of every dollar spent on technology. our fractional CTO service gives you this thinking and oversight at a price point you can afford.

Your dream becomes our dream

We partner with our customers and work to ensure their success. When we take on a fractional CTO client, we are serious about their success.

ready to be convinced?

Let us buy you coffee (or beer) and learn more about where your problems are and see if this is a good approach for you. If not, you’re out a little bit of time and up some free coffee (or beer). Also, we have a network of amazing companies that do great work in Birmingham and we’d be happy to refer you to someone that would be a better fit. That said, we do think we are pretty good at this (and our customers seem to think so as well…you can ask them), so let’s see what it will take to work together.