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əLiveNow provides speech and language services virtually to children across the United States. əLiveNow draws on a large pool of SLPs nationwide who have experience with a wide variety of speech and language disorders to meet your particular child’s needs. Instead of gathering up your family to drive to an office or clinic, you can receive services from the comfort of your own home which is less disruptive to your family’s schedule.

Responsive Web Application Prototype

əLiveNow is a complex platform that integrates educational gaming, video conferencing, electronic health records, and client billing into a seamless, client-focused platform. əLiveNow is a highly secure data management system and a robust, reliable telehealth tool.

6 Months

əLiveNow phase 1 solved a complex set of technical challenges and provided a workable, revenue-ready system for solving əLiveNow’s key value position.

Technology Stack

əLiveNow is a .NET Core/Angular system backed by Azure, CosmosDB, and Microsoft SQL Server.

project goals

What we did:

How did we succeed?

The əLiveNow engagement was user-focused and used frequent, iterative feedback that resulted in a strong and scalable solution. The MVP release served to ensure the larger system was feasible and able to grow with the market.

How did we achieve this?

We evaluated several best-in-breed solutions for educational gaming and video conferencing to identify a pairing that met both the technical and business needs.

What did we learn?

Don't be afraid to tackle the technical challenges early. Not only is it important to validate the product against the market, it is critical that a team understands how to overcome complex technical needs and experiment early to gain velocity later.