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Business interactions have changed

Think back to how business operated only a decade ago. You’ll quickly get a sense of how much the landscape has changed, particularly in how we interact with customers and manage day-to-day business operations.

The rise of mobile devices and cloud-based applications has dramatically altered the way we buy, sell, deliver and manage. The success of your business often depends on how prepared you are to respond to such emerging trends and turn them into a competitive advantage.


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Our process ensures a silent project completion
We embrace an Agile/Scrum methodology, from our contracting through the successful completion of each project we start. We specialize in the uneventful, successful completion of every project we start.

User Involvement​

Our methodology involves frequent communications with your Product Owner and customers to maximize value

Iterative Design

We focus on building software that meets a need early, and then we build on it to improve functionality over time

Flexible Contracting

Our sprint based contracting allows you to control your spending and maximize the value generated

Maintainable Software

Our developers build software that is maintainable by your team long after our development contract is complete


Tooling Matters.

We are technologists that are constantly looking for the right set of tools to help our customers gain and keep the competitive edge in their industry. Our technical stack that includes Azure, Dynamics 365, Angular and InRule Rule Engine provides powerful, end-to-end solutions that transform your company.

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Dynamics 365 is a powerful platform for building and automating complex business workflow solutions that can leverage the full Microsoft ecosystem.

Microsoft Azure is a fast, powerful suite of cloud services that allow your business to stay agile and create cost effective customer solutions.

Angular is an industry leader in web frameworks, to create custom responsive, customer-friendly applications.

InRule is a cost-effective, powerful rules engine that allows customers to create complex business rule flows in a highly configurable environment.


Development engagements begin with an idea.

Our feature workshop can take your idea and develop it into the framework needed to ensure your project’s success.

Using unique and innovative approaches to project kickoff, we integrate the latest research in brainstorming and learning techniques with years of Agile backlog development experience. This creates an experience that will allow you to better communicate your needs to a technical team and ensure long-term success.

Our workshop

Generates the following value for your company:

a better understanding

A better understanding of how to guide an Agile development project

a roadmap

A roadmap that can ensure your development engagement remains on track and is value and customer focused

a budgetary estimate

A budgetary estimate for your project

a clear vision

A clear vision and common ground to start your development engagement

What does the feature workshop schedule look like?


We start the day training you in the basics of an Agile approach to development and give you the tools you need to understand the power of our process. At the end of this, you will be equipped to interact and guide a technical team and ensure you are the primary driver of value for your project.


Following training, we utilize a highly interactive and creative process that allows you to crystallize a vision of your product and communicate its key value drivers. Customers routinely say that they can better understand, envision and communicate the goals of their product after this process. This clarity and focus ensures that the money you spend on development quickly creates the most value for you.


The next step in our process is to follow a User Story workshop process to build an Agile backlog for your product. This backlog is then estimated and prioritized, resulting in a product roadmap that can be used for planning and development of your system.

Our workshop

Common Questions

How much is this going to cost?

Our feature workshop is $3,000 per day and we typically spend 2 days during this process.

What do I need to start?

An idea, and a signed Master Services Agreement. Once we get the MSA in place (this is a simple, no cost document that allows us to work together), we will send you a Dreamboard survey that will help communicate your idea to your Engagement coach. Your coach will then prepare for and schedule your workshop.

Why can't I just start developing?

We feel strongly that setting the stage for effective communications and mutual, value-focused guidance is critical to IT project success. We've proven this time and time again with our existing projects and this workshop is a key part in setting a framework for success.


You have an idea, but aren't ready for full-on production level development?

We can help you build a proof of concept or prototype that you can use to validate your idea and set the foundation of a successful, larger, development.

We combine our in-house MIT Certified User Experience designer with our Agile process in order to generate a system ranging from:

Screen mockups

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Functioning, Minimal Viable Product level application

By integrating this with our feature workshop, we ensure your protype development begins with a clear understanding of your product’s value proposition and drive your project through success following an Agile process.

Prototype development ranges from $2,000 to under $100,000 with complexity and cost based on the level of completeness needed for your project.

By utilizing Agile,

We commit to a potentially shippable product increment at the end of each sprint

ensuring two things:

Guide the team

You are able to guide the team to early value generation based on your product needs

Walk away with a high-value product

You can walk away with a high-value product the moment the system has evolved to your satisfaction. (This means you aren't locked into a fixed price project and spend just the amount you need to get the value you want)


Common Questions

How much is this going to cost me again?

We start with a Feature Workshop then progress through development. If your idea is particularly small and you only need screen mockups, we can begin with a 1 day workshop ($3,000) and create mockups (~$2,000) for a total of $5,000. If your idea is more complex, or you need more functionality, the cost will go up. Contact our engagement coaches and they can learn about your idea and give you a better idea of how much it will cost.

What will my prototype do?

That depends on what you need. We've done prototypes that are dynamic screen mockups that simulate a functioning application all the way up to MVP level proof of concepts for large enterprise products. We can give you a better idea of cost once we learn more about what you are hoping to build.

still not convinced?

Fair enough. Let us buy you coffee (or beer) and learn more about where your problems are and see if this is a good approach for you. If not, you’re out a little bit of time and up some free coffee (or beer). Also, we have a network of amazing companies that do great work in Birmingham and we’d be happy to refer you to someone that would be a better fit. That said, we do think we are pretty good at this (and our customers seem to think so as well…you can ask them), so let’s see what it will take to work together.